A grave lost for the Environment in Nevada!

NVEnergy has won. The cap got passed and willbe hit before the middle of next month. This means no more Nevada residents will be able to go Solar until the cap is lifted. NVEnergy states that this is due to the grid costs increasing, although Warren Buffet just signed a deal which cuts their supply costs in half.

After that deal goes into play, will that cost be shared with its customers? Absolutely not. NVEnergy will continue to increase rates overall like always. If only every company was able to run a monopoly like the energy companies do. Shame on you Nevada for letting this happen.

The World’s First Bee Highway.


This is the sort of urban initiative that we all dream about but is actually being achieved in Norway. The Oslo Garden Society, working with the municipal government, individuals, schools and private companies, has created the world’s first bee highway – a network of feeding stations and shelter every 250 metres in a corridor across the city.

Plants for bees

We all know the consequences of the decline of the bee population – in parts of China, farmers are resorting to pollinating plants by hand and in some parts of the US, bee hives are hired by food producers so that their crop can be pollinated. Some reports indicate that the US has lost 42% of its bee population. In Europe, one third of our wild bees are in serious decline. Intensive farming, use of insecticides, climate change are all cited as causes.

Plants for bees

Urban areas can be like deserts for bees with few…

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Do you have Solar Questions?

Do you have questions about Residential Solar? Do you want to know the questions you need to ask Solar Providers while you shop around? Do you want to know what Solar Energy can do for you?

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I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and help guide you in the right direction.

Is Solar right for you?

I ask people this question every day. Most say yes. Then you follow up and ask why? You always get different answers such as savings, environment, increased home value, doing the next new thing, and more. What is your why?

For me, it’s easy. The world is falling apart around us. There are few things that people can do anymore to make a large scale impact. Now we must focus on what’s directly around us to make a difference.

No matter what you may think, science is science. Global warming is real. Even with that aside, you can look at water quality, air quality, and the sustainability of fossil fuels to know that something has to change. Something has to change now!

So, I challenge you. This weekend, ask everyone you know about their opinion on environmental change. Follow up with why they think that way. Don’t try to argue with them or get them to accept your views. Simply listen. Hear them out. See what their view is.

Absorb all of this and compare it to what you know. Next weekend, meet with those same people face to face again. This time, let them know your view. Don’t try to argue, just state how you feel and leave it be. When they try to argue with you, just let them know everyone belives differently and you won’t judge them for theirs as they shouldn’t judge you for yours.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.